"Maybe it was because it blew 4.4 for the week we were there, but apart from that, everything about our trip to Maui was great. And the renta-car started and ended our stay...it was great. NO hassles, good car , good beach seats,and excellent service. I can't remember the guys name, but he recently moved from the West Coast to Maui, really a good guy and very efficient and friendly. Picked us up and dropped us off like we were friends...

Thanks for the car....and this is odd, writing to a car rental place!"

Steve Tofield

"We arrived on Maui early one morning back in January to find our complimentary ride was right on time to pick us up.

Dustin helped us with our luggage and loaded it into the van and we were then swooped away from the airport and within 5 minutes or less arrived at the main office of Al West's Maui Vans headquarters.

In no time at all, they gave us the keys, a map to the island, surf tips and Dan and I were on our way.

What makes this car rental company like no other on the island is that ALL of their cars have surf racks already on them. ( I am glad we didn't have to put them on ourselves, that would not have been fun.)

All Vans come complete with two beach chairs, water hose, tie down straps, and get this, an ice chest! Almost to good to be true. I have had many a rental car, but never one like this! We were in a new Ford Focus with power everything. a-c and a full sunroof. We enjoyed the sunroof especially because we were able conduct business over the phone without the roar of the rolled -down windows, yet still enjoy the fresh, cool air.

Just a little extra info about Al west's rentals. They offer storage for the windsurfing equipment and surfboards, free car seats and lots of other things. All the guys are surfers and windsurfers so you can pump them for info.

So next time you are in need of a vehicle on Maui call Al West's."

Sandra & Dan Olson

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